April is hectic…

April is hectic.
We are in the homestretch of the semester and with all the papers, projects, tests, etc. all due at once, there’s barely any time left for fun. Keyword, barely. Make sure to check the calendar and Facebook to find out about the great events going on around campus, hosted by your very own student groups, and with the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately, there’s every reason to procrastinate that homework (or finish it early you overachiever). New exhibits at MOMA? Check. Ice cream on the High Line. Yup. Checking out hipsters in Williamsburg. On it. Whatever your ‘fun’ is, find it and do it. Don’t let school stress you out, we’re almost done anyways!

Teaser of what’s to come: new poster below for SGA’s end of the year bash. Buy your tickets. Find your dancing shoes. And see you soon for a night of revelry before we all overdose on caffeine and hole up in the library.